Earth Day and Sustainability at NorthPoint

April 21, 2021

Two words. 51 years. Over a billion people. And ONE day that stands for urgency, fight, and awareness for our ever-changing climate/environment. EARTH DAY. April 22nd is a day to educate and inspire us all to do our part in protecting the only home we have, our very own flying/floating rock, planet Earth. Simple changes made to your everyday life can greatly (and I mean *Tony the Tiger voice*…GRRRR-EATLY!) make a change to better our environment! Instead of one-time use products that we are all guilty of purchasing far too often, why not replace them with reusable/sustainable option for everyday use? Do you know how many products are being made with eco-friendly materials and/or in an eco-conscious way?! OH HEAVENS… we swear it’s millions. From making the conscious decision to choose products made with eco-friendly materials to introducing products with giveback programs into your next order of swag, we urge you to join us in growing your awareness of these alternative options and to make the effort to choose eco-friendly whenever you can!

As the promotional product industry has increased its focus on sustainable and eco-friendly offerings, NorthPoint has MOST CERTIANLY recognized the importance of keeping our floating rock clean as well. We have made enormous pivots to do our part and take our steps for change…and we hope that you and your brand joins us in our efforts. How are we making the change, you maybe be wondering?! Check out the think green actions below to see what we are up to:

1. The majority of your everyday products are now being made with eco-friendly materials. Wireless chargers made from wheat straw, backpacks made from plastic water bottles, CLOTHING (not a joke.) made with recycled materials! You name it …we got it. We also make it a priority to use paper and cardboard that is made of at least 30% post-consumer waste for all of our printed material orders. Check out our Think Green Collection on the NorthPoint Swag Store to see some examples! (You may even be able to win an item for FREE!)

2. We are now partnering with eco-conscious companies that make sustainability a priority – from the creation of the item to the final product! In addition, we work in tandem with brands that utilize Give Back programs.  Whether your purchase leads to trees being planted, or goes towards helping nonprofits fund sustainable projects, choosing brands that contribute to making the world a greener and better place not only make you feel better about your purchase, but also allow you to actively do your part in the ‘green’ movement. 


3. We have implemented the NorthPoint Gives Back program, an effort on our end to offer the opportunity for clients to donate no-longer-needed items to those in need! We have worked with local charities, after school programs, shelters, and more to ensure that leftover products are never being put to waste. 


4. While we are knocking on your door like a babbling vacuum salesman announcing that we can make your swag dreams come true …we also want to make sure that we stress the more important matters as well. We value our social responsibility and acknowledge the ethical issues that concern labor, manufacturing, material sourcing and more. We believe that everyone should be treated with dignity and respect, and we are doing our part to ensure steps are taken to reflect that.


To learn more about our Eco-Friendly and Sustainability efforts, head over to our BRAND SPANKIN’ new Sustainability page! As a company, we are continuously looking for new ways that we can do our part in helping to protect the earth, and we are excited to be on the path to making the world a better place for all.

As Neil Armstrong has said “That’s one small step for man, and one giant leap for mankind…”, and while this may be pertaining to the moon, we can apply his words of wisdom to Earth Day (and your everyday too!) Think about the difference that we could make on the Earth and all of mankind if each one of us just made a small change in our own lives to helping our earth heal and our environment prosper! The goal of this day is not just for the “right now”, but for the future of mankind! Think Green. Save the Earth. It starts with you!

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