Pixels To Print: Top 10 Posts of 2020

January 06, 2021

Before we leave the year of 2020 completely in the dust, we want to highlight some of our top blog posts to bring to light all of the positives that we were able to take away from the year! Our Pixels to Print blog continued into it’s second year with the same goal that we had in mind from the start – to educate and inspire not only our fellow designers, but people everywhere and in all industries.  After all, creativity lives in everyone, and sometimes a few tips and tricks can help bring those ideas to life!

In case you missed it, here are the top 10 posts of 2020:

Illusions in Design

Discover the types of illusions that can occur in the world of design.

 Compare the difference between the standard True Black and the more saturated Rich Black.  

Package a Document

 Learn how to package a document to create and share a copy of all of your assets conveniently.

The Align Tool

A simple way to make sure everything in your document is aligned seamlessly.

Top Netflix Picks for Graphic Designers

Discover some of the best Netflix movies and documentaries for designers!

Kitting 101

A guide to putting together a memorable kitting experience from start to finish.

The Printing Process: Screen Printing

Learn about the process of Screen Printing, how it works, and when it is used.

One of the most time-saving tools of Adobe Illustrator, right at your fingertips.

Make use of Illustrator’s built-in ruler system to create your own grid and a more balanced and aligned document.

Face Mask Decoration

Learn tips and recommendations on how to design your masks both functional and creative.

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