Hot Item of the Week: Top 10 Posts of 2020

January 14, 2021

We MADE it…thank goodness! We have finally slammed the door on 2020 and did a POWER STRUT into 2021 with our arms wide open to (*cross our fingers*) a positive change and an upwards climb to an amazing year! Lets start off our 2021 Hot Item blog in an encouraging way with a small look back on the favorite products of 2020…

Holographic Stickers

An OUT of the world custom sticker with holographic vinyl has an eye-catching rainbow effect which changes with light and perspective.
Light is a powerful thing and UV light is a great resource to utilize for when you need to clean a frequently used item. 

Burts Bees 

Protecting your split, dry, cracked, painful lips in the most name brand and on trend style!

A tech-savvy and eco friendly way to save your greatest invention or notes from class. Wipe ideas away with a damp cloth BUT save them to your favorite cloud service with the RocketBook and Pen.

The Modern Sprout Glow & Grow Live Well Gift Set
BURN IT, PLANT IT, GROW IT…most importantly find your zen with this plant kit and candle.

Lunch On-the-Go Items 

Keep your food flaming hot and/or icy cold, and bring it wherever you go with these insulated food containers, packable/reusable utensils, and cooler lunch bags!

No Touch Multi-Tool 

Prevent and protect yourself against germs with this tool that gives you the freedom to open doors, locks, press keypads and even works with touch screen technology.

Keepin’ your sweet sweet noggin warm during the colder months as well is in style and on trend for your brand.

A kit that is filled with Pearl Putty, a Cyber Gel HGX Stress Ball, a Coloring Mouse Pad, and a ProBuff Gift Set to help reduce the stress and anxieties of life, work, and the year we left behind.

Promo products are now being created with an additive that helps prevent the growth and/or attachment of germs.

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