The NorthPoint Hot Box: Space Edition

February 18, 2020

An image of the moon with a box designed to look like a spaceship in front of it

The NorthPoint Hot Box: Space Edition is out of this world! Our amazing team has searched galaxies near and far for the most interesting and fun new products that we could find. So Houston, begin your countdown, and astronauts, prepare for take-off! (and possibly an extraterrestrial encounter!)

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Twinkle Star Lights

Price Point: $1.99 - $3.18

Available Colors: White

Description: Let your desk, room, kitchen, or any frequented space shine like the stars with these Twinkle LED string lights. It is made of 10 feet of malleable wire that connects the 30 lights together and can be bent to any desired shape. They may not be actual stars - but holy cow are they close!

Alien Stress Reliever

Price Point: $2.53 - $2.93

Available Colors: Silver/Green

Description: What do human beings and aliens have in common? Don't stress about finding the right answer, but if you do, just squeeze this small friend. He is a special Martian made for helping with the relief of anxious moments in our work or day to day lives.

Cosmic Magnetic Clasp Bracelets

Price Point: $4.15 - $4.65

Available Colors: Multicolor, Blue, Orange, Green, Pink, Red, White

Description: A cosmic glow that comes from your wrist? Shine as bright as the moon with this light up bracelet. It has a sleek and lightweight design, a comfortable fit, and a magnetic clasp.

Space Smacker

Price Point: $2.95 - $3.25

Available Colors: Grape, Lime, Royal Blue, Ruby, Tangerine

Description: The language of aliens and extraterrestrials remains unknown, but the sound of this spacey smacker could be something similar. WHO KNOWS! This ball is addictive, fun and stress relieving. it comes in many bright colors and when squeezed, ti makes a "smacking" sound possibly communicating with something out of this world.

Electrolyte Delight

Price Point: $2.95 - $3.13

Available Colors: Gold, Silver, White

Description: Congratulations traveler, you are off and away on your next greatest mission. Not only is it important to fuel your shuttle but you must fuel your body as well. NorthPoint has you covered with this magical packet of electrolytes to hydrate you and keep your mind/body sharp and focused in case you're under pressure to save earth. Just add the packet to 32 oz. of water, stir, and you're ready for launch.

Astronaut Log Book

Price Point: $7.33 - $10.70

Available Colors: Royal Blue, Turquoise, Black Opaque, White, Slate, Mocha, Fuschia, & More!

Description: Log any adventure you take with this spiral bound notebook. Made with a hard cover making it super durable for a trip out of this world. Utilize the calendar in the back for the important moments, due dates and/or missions you must take. There are also pages for important contacts in case your mission fails and you need back-up, or you just want to contact someone galaxies away.

*Pricing Accurate at time of posting. Check with your Account Executive for updated pricing.*

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