Pixels to Print: True Black vs. Rich Black

January 23, 2020

Two different shades of the color black

Here's a thought-provoking question for designers: When you got to fill in your background with black in your design program of choice, how do you set the CMYK values to get that black? 

Do you go right for the K value and set it to 100% and leave everything at 0%? Did you know you could print a richer-looking black by adding in the other values? Did you even know there was a richer looking black? 

This "Rich Black" uses more pigment, producing a deeper and more saturated color. The True Black (just 100% K) and Rich Black (60% C, 40% M, 40% Y, 100% K) may look the same on-screen, but the difference is clearly apparent when printed. 

Give it a try on your next print and compare the difference! 

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