Pixels To Print: Smarter Social Schedule

December 19, 2019

picture of a coffee and a calendar

Ever find some of your social posts get more likes, shares, and comments than others? The rate of engagement could depend on the day and time of when the post goes up. Showing up in your audience's feed at the right time can take a long time to master. Luckily, SproutSocial pulled information based on their customer's data to put together a chart of the best times to post on social media broken down by platform and industry. Here are some key diagrams that could help you with your next post! 

A graph of the best times to post on facebook
Best Day: Wednesday between 11am - 1pm | Worst Day: Sunday

A graph showing the best times to post on Instagram
Best Days: Wednesday at 11am, Friday between 10am - 11am | Worst Day: Sunday

A graph showing the best times to post on twitter
Best Days: Wednesday at 9am and Friday at 9am | Worst Day: Saturday

We recommend reading the entire article to find out deeper statistics. Start off the new year with a better social schedule to get your engagement numbers soaring through the roof! 

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