Pixels to Print: Infographics

October 03, 2019

Throwing a lot of data at someone all at once is overwhelming, so that’s where Infographics can make it less painful. Data visualization through graphs and charts has been around for a long time, but going beyond the basic by using design is what makes infographics so popular. When you fuse imagery with information, people are eager to learn! Between textbooks, business reports, and all over the web, infographics are a great tool for sharing information.

Click the images below to view the full infographic.

1. The ABC of Design
via DesignMantic

2. Staying Happy & Healthy at Work
via UltimateMats

3. The Chart of Controllers
via Pop Chart

4. How to Make Apple Pie
via Fine Dining Lovers

5. Social Sites Explained
via AddThis

6. Impact of Music on Workplace Productivity
via WebFX

7. Inception Timeline
via Behance

8. How to Focus at Work
via Onward

9. Live Wind Map
via Hint.fm

10. Culture Creators
via Dowitcher Designs

Want to visualize your data with an infographic? Reach out to NorthPoint and utilize our design team!

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