Pixels to Print: Hand-written Fonts

October 17, 2019

In recent years, hand-written fonts have started to become popular within the design community. This may be due to the need for contrast with the use of the clean and simple design language we’ve seen in our daily lives in recent years. Pairing a clean sans-serif font with a hand-written font adds a sense of humanity to a design, and the organic strokes are popular with green and natural branding.

With so many options infiltrating the typeface market, how does one choose the right option for them? Enter MyFonts. This typeface resource has a plethora of different hand-written looks. Here are some of my favorites that touch on different styles for any occasion. Consider pairing a hand-written font on your next campaign!

Stormy Youth


Kokomo Breeze

Brush Up

Lumios Marker





Daft Brush

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