Pixels to Print: Wayfinding

September 19, 2019

Wayfinding is the system to guide or orient people through a physical space. With the use of signage or landmarks, people can use these wayfinding elements to get from point A to B. Incorporate your brand and make wayfinding your own creative compass. Here are some tips to get started with your wayfinding strategy.

Create an identity for each location, make them different. With the use of color, pattern, or imagery, having a unique look for each location will help the person remember if they need to go back or indicate they have entered a new area. 

Use directional arrows and maps on your signage. Keep things simple and use iconography or maps to help easily identify destinations. Integrate these elements right into the floor design so people know they’re on the right path or guide them where they need to be.

Incorporate wayfinding with your interior design and branding. Just because you want to add wayfinding into your space doesn’t mean it has to be bland. Incorporate your brand colors, patterns, and imagery into your space to create an immersive brand experience.

Keep your signage consistent by utilizing your branding. Put a directory right on the elevator doors.

Integrate color coded markers right at the entrance so people get right to where they need to be.

Each office is color coded and matches up to the directional lines in the floor.

A city overview map of the area with point of interest called out on the map is great for visitors finding their destination or locals wanting to explore new places.

A campus overview map helps visitors find where they need to go while also defining the boundaries of the campus itself.
Not only will this sign point you in the right direction but will let you know how long of a walk it is from that point – super helpful!

Don't be shy, integrate your wayfinding with your interior design.

Unique wall graphics in each area will help people remember that location if they need to find it again.

Combine information and interior design to create signs that enhance your space.

Use iconography to help guide people through a space – no chance of getting lost here.

Reach out to NorthPoint for creating, designing, and printing your wayfinding strategy!

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