Pixels To Print: 3D Design

June 27, 2019

3D Design

After years of perfecting flat design, a new up-and-coming trend in the design community is 3D design. With augmented reality on the rise, and 3D creation programs becoming easier to use, 3D design is being incorporated into branding, illustrations, advertising, and more. Below are some on-trend visually stunning projects that might inspire you to rethink 3D design. 

20 Levels Mobile Games
Title: 20 Levels Mobile Games
Designer: Omar Aqil

Title: BenQ
Designer: Daniel Medina

Title: ChocoCrunch
Designer: Pict Estudio 
Game Over
Title: Game Over
Designer: Ben Fearnley

Title: Lenovo
Designer: Peter Tarka

MQ Summer Campaign
Title: MQ Summer Campaign
Designer: Caveza Patata Studio

Title: Quartzy
Designer: Danny Jones

Verizon A Better Network Explained
Title: Verizon A Better Network Explained By A City
Designer: Six N. Five

YouTube Merchandising
Title: YouTube Merchandising
Designer: Orchid Creation

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