Pixels To Print: Unique Package Design

April 04, 2019

Unique Package Design

The way a product is presented can be an important way to get your message across or even enhance the user's experience with the product. Whether it's subtle or in-your-face obvious, thoughtful package design adds value to your product or brand. Have a look at these clever and unique packaging examples below. They may even force you to rethink the way your product's package is designed!

Note. This simple design really hits the musical mark by cleverly packaging their headphones in the shape of a music note.

Hanger Tea
Hanger Tea. This design combines product and packaging working together to convey their unique idea. The mini clothing hangers hook to the side of your cup so that they don't fall in. They also created the tea bags in the shape of perfect little t-shirts to relate to the box and create the illusion of a wardrobe.

Ford Matchbox
Ford Matchbox. Ford effectively took a simple match box and added advertising to express their message, creating a clever promotional tool for them to use. The match sticks double to look like wood inside the bed of a cab. On the interior box they added the bed of the truck as a metaphor for their extendable cargo bed, which shows as you slide open the box.

Thelma's Cookies. Everyone knows that cookies are always best when they're fresh from the oven, so Thelma's went ahead and crafted their box to look like a stove. Simple, effective, and unique.

Whitebites. These dog treats use a fun cut out on the box to allow the actual treats to show through, appearing as the dog's teeth. With the dog ear flaps at the top, you can't help but pick these up off the shelf and bring them home!

Kleenex. These tissue box designs use the actual tissue in their design. With the tissue on the first box acting as the smoke from a house, the second uses the tissue as paper in a typewriter, and lastly a whale blowing out water. These clever designs make having a runny nose more fun (but still not that fun). 

Help Remedies
Help Remedies. This countertop shelf which holds their product bearing not much text asks a simple question, "what's wrong?" The message (or answer) on each product is clear and to the point to quickly direct you to relief, whether you need something for a headache, allergies, or a cut.

Klein Constantia Farm
Klein Constantia Farm. Upscale products can still have fun which is proven with this packaging that has been turned into a Beekeeper's Bee Hive. When you open the inside you'll find bees - just as one would expect!
Japanese Pastry
Japanese Pastry. This packaging uses a cut out to see through to the pastry inside, doubling to also look like the character's hair. 

Here! Sod T-Shirts
Here! Sod T-Shirts. This clothing is cleverly packaged like the food that each has imprinted. 

Now, you're packaging doesn't have to always be as creative as this, but using custom designs and custom boxes when appropriate is a great way to tailor a marketing campaign or add some additional messaging!

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