Pixels To Print: Hierarchy Of Type

March 14, 2019

Hierarchy Of Type

An important tool of typography is establishing a hierarchy of where on the page you want your viewer to look first. Creating a hierarchy of type helps to organize your data on the page, allowing your viewer to easily navigate through your design by directing their eye using different techniques such as font size, weight, color, position, and contrast. See a few examples of what we mean below!

Hierarchy Of Type: Size
Size: The simplest way to establish importance. Bigger = more important.
Hierarchy Of Type: Weight
Weight: Changing text to a heavier or bolder weight will catch the eye first.
Hierarchy Of Type: Color
Color: Warmer colors stand out more and draw more attention than cooler colors.
Hierarchy Of Type: Position
Position: Simple changes in the positioning or layout of the design can determine hierarchy.
Hierarchy Of Type: Contrast
Contrast: Even using contrasting typefaces can effectively focus the first point of interest.
The next time you're working on a design and you run into a roadblock, try playing around with the size, weight, color, position, or contrast of your fonts. Simple changes like these can alter the overall perception of your design!

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