Pixels To Print: Variable Data

February 28, 2019

Variable Data

It's time to get personal...with your marketing strategy that is! It should come as no surprise that personalized marketing materials often result in a greater response rate than using generic collateral. So why aren't more companies using this personalized approach? One possibility is that companies may not even be aware that this is an option. Another possibility is that they may not know how to begin setting something like this up. That's why NorthPoint encourages all of our clients to utilize our Design Service to assist with planning, designing, and implementing Variable Data campaigns like this!

So let's break down what Variable Data Printing (VDP) actually means. It's the method of adding personalized unique information into a design, automatically. This saves you enormous amounts of time while allowing you to process hundreds of personalized materials in a matter of minutes.

VDP allows you to tailor everything from simple greetings to fully changing text and graphics, the applications are truly endless. A few examples of some commonly used VDP options are: varying discount percentages, redemption codes, individual addresses, personalized names, customized stickers, note cards, letters, brochures, graphics, and more!

Some companies use VDP to grab attention and impress customers by seamlessly adding their names into a fun graphic like the image above. Others set up and personalize dozens of event badges with names, titles, and VIP statuses.

All we need is your list to start. Talk to NorthPoint today to find out how we can help you put a personalized marketing strategy together!

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