Pixels To Print: The Importance Of White Space

February 21, 2019

The Importance Of White Space

Do you ever feel uncomfortable in a crowded elevator or in a confined area? Well you're not alone. Having some breathing room is important, and it's not only important for people, as art and logo designs require breathing room as well. Having some open space around you is what allows you to feel comfortable and at ease, and it's the same principal for using white space in your designs.

So, what is white space?
White space is the negative space that's left blank between objects in a composition or design (and it doesn't necessarily have to be white). This empty space is essentially anything unused between text boxes, graphics, lines, and photos. How designers and artists use this white space dramatically impacts the overall balance of the design as seen in the image below.

White Space

Why is it good?
Having a good balance of white space enhances your design in a few ways. To start, your information becomes more organized and spacing becomes more breathable. Your overall impression also becomes more thoughtful and planned out, and when used correctly can offer a clean, upscale feel. Finally, a good use of white space helps to direct your audience on where to look.

White space is simply good design.
Having too many elements or too much information can be distracting and confusing for your audience and can easily make the design look cramped or cluttered. The idea that more is more can make your design too busy or hard to interpret, which can turn your audience off and may result in people passing over your designs. Your goal with your collateral, advertisements, social posts, tradeshow booths, etc. is always to grab attention in a positive way, and that's where utilizing white space comes into play.

Sometimes the easiest way to elevate a design and give it more of an upscale look and feel is to eliminate some of the clutter and non-necessary elements. NorthPoint designers work to keep a strong balance between interesting designs and efficiently used white space in order to give our clients some of the strongest designs in the industry.

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