Pixels To Print: Dynamic Logos

February 07, 2019

Dynamic Logos

Dynamic logos are a lot like chameleons, in that they adapt to suit the situation or context in which they appear. Whether these variations are changes in medium, shape, wording, or colors, logos today require the flexibility to accommodate their environments. Now, we'd never advise you to change your logo to the point of it being unrecognizable. However we do suggest developing alternative versions or variations of your primary logo that will keep your brand essence while allowing your logo to be used across multiple different mediums.

Using the NorthPoint logo as an example, we have a total of 11 different variations! These variations allow us to adapt our branding for specific purposes, which have all been predetermined and laid out in our brand guidelines to avoid confusion.

All NorthPoint Logos

Sometimes in certain situations, like when a promotional product calls for a one color imprint, you're limited as to how many colors your logo will print in. Having a variation of your logo developed that uses only one or two colors is extremely helpful for situations like this. However, it's not as simple as taking your logo and printing it in one color. For example, with NorthPoint's one color logo we included lines as an additional element to divide up the the four sections which are typically divided by four different colors. This allows us to keep the essence of our primary logo but still show the separate sections in our one color variation.

Full Color Logo One Color Logo

Another way color can be used is when defining a subdivision within your brand. Specific colors can be used to differentiate between these sub-brands or departments as shown below.

NorthPoint Icons

Horizontal vs. Stacked:
The location or size of your document or product also comes into play when choosing which logo variant to use. If you happen to have a very wide primary logo, and the imprint area you are given is more of a vertical space, then it's typically better to use a stacked version of your logo in order to maximize your imprint.

Horizontal Logo Stacked Logo

Limited Space:
Sometimes, the imprint area that's available is simply too small. During times like these, we advise to use just your symbol or icon to maximize your imprint while still conveying who you are.


Having a versatile logo will allow it to be used in almost any situation. From stamps to shirts to water bottles to your website, you always want to ensure that you're maximizing your brand exposure each and every time. You should also be sure to share each version of your logo (along with your branding guidelines and use cases) with NorthPoint. We keep each of your logos on file so that we have the right one for whichever situation arises!

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