Rebranding NorthPoint

May 22, 2018

NorthPoint Logo

Rebranding NorthPoint:
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When was the last time you looked at your logo and color scheme and were excited about what you saw?  When was the last time a client mentioned how amazing your branding or marketing was?  When was the last time you WANTED to show someone your business cards?  Can't remember? Neither could we.

NorthPoint Logo Old NewWe began the rebranding process almost a year ago as we'd come to an agreement that our colorways, logo, and general marketing materials had started to become stale.  It wasn't that we were unhappy with our current branding, in fact we loved our original logo!  For longer than we could remember the NorthPoint Swoosh had been a mainstay at tradeshows across the world and on promotional products everywhere.  At the time of it's creation, we even felt we were not only ahead of the competition, but ahead of the industry.  

Nevertheless, with seeing and creating such amazing marketing collateral for our clients day in and day out, we knew we could do better.  We had been so client focused that we just hadn't spent enough time focusing on ourselves (sound familiar?).  Even still, the one thing we knew we didn't want to do was to rebrand just for the sake of rebranding.  We wanted to have a purpose, we wanted our new colors, our new logo, and everything that would be representing our company to stand out and have a deeper meaning behind it. 

Hence, the NorthPoint360 was born.  Our new logo is the cornerstone behind everything we do here at Northpoint.  It's more than just a logo however, it's the embodiment of our business.  It’s a representation of our core values and services.  But most importantly, it’s the culmination of our amazing team's hard work, determination, and the beginning of our new chapter. 

Each color in our logo represents one of the four core foundational services that we offer at NorthPoint.  The motion of the 360 depicts how each service flows seamlessly into the next, representing NorthPoint transitioning into a full service marketing company.  Our newly updated website stands for our renewed focus on our clients and our values.  We've truly transitioned into a comprehensive branding solution built upon the foundation of our core services and the people working tirelessly behind the scenes to support them.

We've carefully crafted, examined, inspected, scrutinized, and obsessed over every detail of our new branding.  From our business cards, down to our email signatures, we've checked, double checked, and triple checked everything to ensure that the smallest details were taken into account.  For over 15 years we've been helping you bring your brand to life.  We finally decided it was time to take a page out of our own book.  We hope you love our new branding, just as much as we do!

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