Winning Desktop Space with Promotional Products

April 04, 2017

Sit back and think about how much time you spend at your desk. It’s a lot of time, right? Maybe you’re even reading this at your desk right now! Take a minute and think about the most important items at your desk, the things you couldn’t get through the work day without. It may be a certain pen or those sticky note reminders! Maybe it’s your coffee mug that desperately needs to be refilled. You aren’t alone, your customers are just like you and have similar items on their desk too.

Why is this so important? It’s important because we look at desktop items as marketing and branding opportunities! Imagine those desktop items having your logo on them, staring down your customers, hour after hour, day after day! 

The question is, how can you win this valuable real estate space on your customers' desk, keeping your brand front and center? Here are some of our favorite solutions that will help your brand become unforgettable. 

C-Slide Webcam Covers:

The C-Slide webcam cover is a giveaway that’s useful to all demographics. They’re a subtle and effective way to put your logo in front of your client any time they’re at a computer. Almost every media device has a web cam, so there are plenty of opportunities to use the C-Slide, in or out of the office.

Vacuum Travel Tumblers: 

Which is worse, a cold beverage that’s supposed to be hot or a warm beverage that’s supposed to be cold? Vacuum insulated tumblers are trending for a reason! The vacuum insulation guarantees your drink will stay cold up to 24 hours and hot up to 48 hours! There are even versions engineered to fit Keurig machines! Drinkware with this capability is a necessity in any office.

Sticky Notes:

Whether you’re leaving someone a note or writing yourself a reminder, sticky notes will always be a must-have in the office. When they’re at such a low price point, branded sticky notes should be a no-brainer desktop item.

Phone Stands:

Phone stands don’t exactly seem like an office essential, but if you have one, chances are, it's on your desk. They're one of those products you never realized you needed. We’re spending more time on our phones than any other device, so why wouldn't your client want a phone stand? Every time your customer looks at their phone, they’ll think of you and your business too.

USB Hubs:

Think about everything you need a USB outlet for. Now, how many of those USB items are used at your desk? USB hubs are meant to be used at a computer. Every time your client needs to charge their phone, upload files, backup data and even charge a power bank, they can do all of that simultaneously, using the USB hub with your logo on it!

There are countless ways to win your clients desktop space. These are a few that we’ve found easy and simple success with. Next time you’re searching for new giveaways, make sure your logo will be somewhere everyone can see it. Don’t be the logo that’s forgotten in the junk drawer. 

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