Squad Goals - 5 Must-Haves For Your Next Tradeshow

October 20, 2016

1.) There’s more to life than oxfords and cardigans:
Instead of the stuffy corporate look, try decking your team out in a versatile tech zip at your next event. Your team will stand out from the rest and look more approachable. You’ll be looking fresh for sure!

2.) New clothing with new decoration!
Embroidering a logo on the left chest is a tradeshow classic. It’s an easy choice; professional and clean. The truth is, there are new, exiting techniques like apparel debossing, laser decoration and even a 3D effect! Trying a new apparel decoration is a no-brainer!

3.) Your giveaway says it all:
If your giveaway can attract the interest of others, then booth traffic will be the least of your problems. For example, virtual reality goggles; most people aren’t going to know what they are just from looking at them. People are going to ask questions which gives you a perfect opportunity to engage, not only about your giveaway, but about your exhibit too!

4.) Make things easy on yourself: 
It’s stressful enough organizing everything for a tradeshow – why add extra stress with a tricky display? Keep it clean and easy with a hop-up booth. The graphics will print vibrantly on wrinkle resistant fabric and attach to the hardware. When your day is over, just collapse the booth and slip it in it’s easy-to-carry case!

 5.) Have them come back for more:
A major priority of a tradeshow booth is traffic. Hourly giveaways and raffle prizes will keep people coming back to your booth throughout the day. The commotion will get more attention and attract others. Everyone will constantly want to know what the next surprise is at your booth!

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